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Museum mission

The mission of the Cres Museum is to collect, preserve, document, study and display objects, documents, facts and data about the settlement of Cres and the area over which the city stretches on the island of the same name, with all the pertaining smaller settlements (Porozina, Beli, Filozići, Dragozetići, Orlec, Lubenic, Valun, Martinšćica and so on), as well as of the areas of Tramuntana, Gerbin and Jugo, and the pertaining islets and rocks.


Street and number / city: Palača Arsan, Ribarska 7
51557 Cres
County: Primorsko-goranska županija
Phone: 051/344-963
Fax: 051/344-921
Url: http://www.cres.hr/creski-muzej

Open for visitors

General Data

Status: A
Kind of museum: complex museum - local
Coverage: local
Year of foundation: 1910.
Director: Jelena Dunato

Professional services

Museum has: - occasional exhibitions
- preparation workshop
- library (accessible to the public on request)
- archive (accessible to the public on request)