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Museum mission

We have by now been working for half a century together with museum experts and museums: - in order, by our activities, to make Croatian museums still more effective, influential, identifiable and more vocal; to protect the diversity and richness of museum contents; to reinforce a sense for the value of the past and of contemporaneity; to establish and to cultivate links with all sectors that are concerned with the heritage and with museums.


Street and number / city: Ilica 44/II
10000 Zagreb
County: Grad Zagreb
Phone: 01/4847-897
Fax: 01/4847-913
Url: http://www.mdc.hr

Open for visitors

General Data

Status: A
Kind of museum: -
Coverage: national
Year of foundation: 1955.
Director: Višnja Zgaga

Professional services

Museum has: - library (accessible to the general public)
- archive (accessible to the public on request)