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Museum mission

The mission of the MHZ – Antun Augustunčić Gallery is to familiarize the public with the oeuvre of Antun Augustunčić. The gallery also hosts occasional exhibitions, primarily of a sculptural nature, and is actively publishing the journal “Anali Galerije Antuna Augustinčića.”


Street and number / city: Trg Antuna Mihanovića 10
49290 Klanjec
Other addresses: - Uprava i Salon Galerije Antuna Augustinčića, Trg Antuna Mihanovića 13
49290 Klanjec
- Depo Galerije Antuna Augustinčića - Ulica dr. Ivana Broza 2
49290 Klanjec
County: Krapinsko-zagorska županija
Phone: 049/550-093
Url: http://www.mhz.hr/Ustrojbene%20jedinice/Galerij...

Open for visitors

General Data

Status: A
Kind of museum: specialised museum - art
Coverage: national
Year of foundation: 1976.
Part of: Muzeji Hrvatskog zagorja
Director: Nadica Jagarčec, v.d.
Manager: Božidar Pejković

Professional services

Museum has: - permanent display
- occasional exhibitions
- library (accessible to professionals)
- museum shop