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Museum mission

The mission of the MHZ – Old Village Museum, Kumrovec, is to preserve the material and intangible heritage of Hrvatsko Zagorje, with an emphasis on the transmission of knowledge via various museum and educational workshops, ad hoc exhibitions, the reconstruction of some of the traditional events and craft production. By becoming acquainted with the inherited material and intangible heritage of Hrvatsko Zagorje, today’s young people will learn to transfer some of the skills and some of the knowledge about their roots to future generations, thereby preserving their own identity.


Street and number / city: Ul. Josipa Broza 19
49295 Kumrovec
County: Krapinsko-zagorska županija
Phone: 049/225-835
Fax: 049/225-833
Url: http://www.mhz.hr/Ustrojbene%20jedinice/Muzej%2...

Open for visitors

General Data

Status: A
Kind of museum: specialised museum - etnographic
Coverage: regional
Year of foundation: 1953.
Part of: Muzeji Hrvatskog zagorja
Director: Nadica Jagarčec, v.d.
Manager: Tatjana Brlek

Professional services

Museum has: - permanent display
- preparation workshop
- library (accessible to professionals)
- archive (accessible to the public on request)