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Museum mission

The Police Museum, currently in the process of foundation, will collect, preserve and exhibit objects that relate to the history and current practice of the police forces in Croatia. It is actively engaged with the public, even though it does not have a dedicated gallery space. The museum displays its collections during occasional exhibitions and lectures, on the Internet, in publications and events in schools and other educational programmes. It accomplishes its objectives by communicating with its visitors and working in concert with other museum institutions, similar establishments, associations, educational institutions, and all who work in the area of public and individual safety at home and abroad.  


Street and number / city: Savska cesta 39
10000 Zagreb
County: Grad Zagreb
Phone: 01/6122-105, 6122-201
Fax: 01/6122-429
Url: http://www.mup.hr/27.aspx

Open for visitors

General Data

Status: B
Kind of museum: specialised museum - police
Coverage: national
Year of foundation: 2001.
Part of: MUP RH
Director: {0}
Manager: Željko Jamičić

Professional services

Museum has: - library (accessible to the general public)
- archive (accessible to the public on request)