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Museum mission

The mission of the Umag Museum is to bring history to life by engaging with the public through sensory activities, such as traditional antique crafts, dance, music, and foods.


Street and number / city: Trg sv. Martina 1
52470 Umag (Umago)
Other addresses: - Tribje 2 (ured - kabinet)
52470 Umag (Umago)
- Trg sv. Mihaela (radionica)
52470 Umag (Umago)
County: Istarska županija
Phone: 052/720-386, 098-440-691
Fax: 052/720-385
Url: http://www.mgu-mcu.hr

Open for visitors

General Data

Status: A
Kind of museum: complex museum - municipal
Coverage: local
Year of foundation: 2000.
Director: Biljana Bojić, v.d.

Professional services

Museum has: - library (accessible to professionals)